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I haven't been so active here lately *boooooom*..
I dunno, I haven't draw so much. Mostly all creative work I do is at work where I paint (and I'm starting to like it!) and ruin my shoulders/neck.... Oh that pain.. :D But yeah, haven't done much. Maybe this will change, maybe not. I really enjoy drawing and painting, just don't seem to get "in touch" with it.. o.o
Joulukorttikuva by Kalmanlapsi

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Miun joulukortit on valmiit! Ne lähtee huomenna painoon!
Olenko hypessä? JOO!

Kannet sarjanorm by Kalmanlapsi
Kannet sarjakallo by Kalmanlapsi
Just a little note that I made facebook page for my drawings and photographs, feel free to follow!
I was ment to draw some stuff before my moving day, but it seems that I already packed up my Wacom and all pencils. Great job I did! .....nope.

It's me, hi! Worship

It's official, I know now when I will move and that means I know when I have time to draw again! So, my moving day is 28.05. I don't know how long it takes me to settle down, since it's my childhood home and there is "nothing new to me". I dunno will I get good internet right away so it could take couple days.

Just wanted to let you know! ♥

Hi you all! :bouncehi: 

I'm having this thing in my life that is called "change".

Like Simba says, it's not easy, but I know it's right thing to do now. I don't want to go away from where I live now, but that is not my choice to make anymore. I am afraid what will happen if I don't. What I will do to myself if I don't. But I am also afraid of what I will loose. Like.. There is one person I will miss like hell, but I will miss also this place. This feels like a place where I could stay, though it doesen't feel like home.

So yeah, I am moving and that will cause some hiatus when it comes to drawing and stuff. Patience please ♥

Hello folks! Kitty Wave emoticon

I had this little problem with my newest deviation, Cross [WIP]. For some reason it showed up on my Gallery, but not in anywhere else and I couldn't add it to Featured Deviation or in any group. It was kinda hard to find solution so I wanted to share the answer with you all.

All you need to do, is to rename the file on your computer and then change the main file in deviantArt.

I hope this helps you! Heart Bullet (DL's Purple) - F2U!